The PanEuropean Monthly Competition

The PanEuropean is looking for punchy, original articles on European politics. Every month, the best three submissions will win €100, €65 and €35.

writing competition

Be it Brexit, EU enlargement, Europe on the global stage, cybersecurity, populism, hate crime, the refugee crisis, an on-the-ground report from your home country, or a love letter to Frans Timmermans. As long as it’s related to Europe and politics, we’re open to it.

Send us your pitch on Facebook or to

Once you’ve got the green light, here are the rules for article submission:

  1. The article must be no longer than 2,000 words. This is an absolute maximum.
  2. Participants must be over 16 years old.
  3. The same content cannot be submitted under two different categories.
  4. If the content contains photos or other media, this must be original content, or permission must have been obtained. Please submit the photos as jpeg files.
  5. The article must be an original piece of work, and must not have been published before.
  6. The competition is not geographically restricted, and is open to all unpublished and published writers. However, all entries must be submitted in English.
  7. You may enter as many articles per competition as you like.

The articles will be published on an on-going basis, and we will contact the winners at the end of the month. Although there are only three cash prizes, all articles will be considered for publication on our website. By entering the competition, you’re giving us permission to publish the article even if it doesn’t win a cash prize.

All entries must be submitted to as a google doc or word document. (Google docs are better for collaborative editing).

Good luck!