Editorial Team

Hubert Balaguy

Hubert is the founder of The PanEuropean. An economist by trade, he is now in charge of the European partnership between his current employer and an international tech company. He has worked and lived in London and Rome and is now based in Paris. Hubert has been published in Le Monde, The Wall Street Journal Europe and Les Echos

Frank Andrews

Frank is Editor-in-Chief at The PanEuropean. He covers French, British and Spanish politics. He has lived in London and Medellín, and is currently working as a freelance writer in Paris for Bayard Presse. He previously ran a blog about life in Colombia, and has been published in Prospect magazine.

Max Caskie

Max is a staff writer and editor at the Pan European. He completed his MSc in Global Politics before relocating to Berlin, where he works as a freelancer (writer/teacher). His interests include British and German politics, and their relationship on the global political economy.

Rupert Morgan

Rupert is a journalist, editor and novelist. He began his career as a Spectator/Daily Telegraph Young Writer of the Year and went on to write for numerous British newspapers and magazines before moving to France where he now works as a journalist for Bayard Presse, specialising in society, economy and politics. He has published several novels, and is the creator of the Paper Planes collection of fiction. A film of his novella, The Consultant, is currently in pre-production.

We also work with several regular contributors, as well as a number of people who take part in our monthly writing competition.