Anna Balaguy

Britain Correspondent
Anna writes weekly Viewpoints for The PanEuropean on British politics. She has lived in Paris and Rome and speaks French, Italian and English. She currently lives in London and is studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at King’s College in London.

Stéphane Nézot

Economics Correspondent
Stéphane is a financial professional who is currently working in the oil industry as well as managing a startup as an Intrapreneur, in Geneva, Switzerland. He has previously lived in Paris, and writes for The PanEuropean about financial markets, macroeconomics, and geopolitics.

Andreea Cojocaru

Romania Correspondent
Andreea is a contributing writer at The PanEuropean who is also responsible for the “Romanian Viewpoints” section. She specialises in the field of public policy and european affairs and currently works for an MEP at the European Parliament, focussing mostly on the Committees for Transport and Tourism and Industry, Research and Energy. She has previously lived in the UK, Greece and Romania and currently lives in Brussels.

Anabel Bieg

Germany Correspondent
Anabel grew up in Stuttgart, Germany, where she studied politics. She is currently taking a year out to work in Paris before returning to Germany to begin further studies. Anabel is responsible for the “German Viewpoints” section at The PanEuropean.

Richard Kelleher

Richard is a photographer and writer from London. After graduating from Southampton University in French and Spanish, he worked as a journalist in Medellín, Colombia where he covered the peace process between the government and the FARC guerrilla group. To see more of his photos from across Europe and South America, visit his website.