Talking Politics Podcast: Ha-Joon Chang on the bogus tax burden

Reading Time: 1 minuteEconomist Ha-Joon Chang makes a compelling argument for why we must stop seeing tax as a ‘burden.’

Politico’s Off Message Podcast: French US ambassador talks Trump

Reading Time: 1 minuteFrance’s ambassador to the US, Gerard Araud, on Donald Trump and the future of the west.

Note to Self Podcast: Charlie Brooker interview

Reading Time: 1 minuteCreator of ‘Black Mirror’ Charlie Brooker talks to Manoush Zomorodi about where his ideas come from and why Twitter is the world’s biggest video game.

Talking Politics Podcast: Turning Left

Reading Time: 1 minuteDavid Runciman and his Cambridge buddies discuss the return of the left in British and European politics in this week’s episode of ‘Talking Politics.’  

The Vote Now show: mid-UK election

Reading Time: 1 minuteRadio 4’s Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis present a light-hearted round up of the election so far.

The Global Politico Podcast: The Macron Effect

Reading Time: 1 minutePolitico Europe’s Ryan Heath and Nicholas Vinocur join Susan Glasser of The Global Politico to discuss the effect Macron – a ‘political entrepreneur’ – will have on the world.

Brexit Means Podcast: The rights of EU citizens

Reading Time: 1 minuteLisa O’Carroll joins Jon Henley to discuss the question of rights for both EU residence in the UK and UK residents in the EU

Any Questions Podcast: Fiery Scotland debate

Reading Time: 1 minuteLord Falconer, Jeane Freeman MSP, Mark Littlewood and Professor Adam Tomkins MSP discuss IndyRef2, nationalism in Scotland and Tim Farron’s faith.