About The PanEuropean

The PanEuropean is a new online news media that publishes news and opinion from around the continent.

Our aim is to represent, inform and connect European citizens, irrespective of their nationality or the political position of their country’s government.

While we believe in the cultural imperative of preserving distinct national identities and languages, The PanEuropean is founded on the proposition that Europe should adopt English as a communal second language to promote ease of communication and encourage a shared sense of community. Though we are not wedded to any particular EU institution, we are concerned for the future of the European Project and the values it promotes.

The PanEuropean is intent on resisting the divisiveness of certain voices and instead presenting a more informed and constructive view of a united Europe.

The PanEuropean is a provisional member of the Union of Independent Online Press (SPIIL) in France.

This site is currently in public beta.