The New Yorker Radio Hour: American Bombs Falling on Yemen

Abdulqader Hilal Al-Dabab, known as Hilal, was the mayor of Sana’a. He died in March, alongside more than 140 others, when a Saudi ‘double tap air strike’ hit a funeral ceremony. The falling walls of the Grand Hall buried him; and he passed away in the ambulance to the hospital.

Host Nicolas Niarchos speaks to Hilal’s son, a student in the US, about his father’s path and principles, and how we tried to keep Sana’a running throughout the war. Zooming out, the podcast also critically examines origins of the war and the British and American support to the Saudi air force, which keeps it going. And it talks about the future, which has just gotten even a bit bleaker, as a whole generation of potential peacemakers died that day in March.