‘Women Rule’ with Democratic Senator of North Dakota Heidi Heitkamp

On this week’s episode of ‘Women Rule – Backstage with Female Bosses’, POLITICO’s Anna Palmers sits with Heidi Heitkamp, the Democratic Senator of traditionally Republican North Dakota, for an open talk about her politics.

The conversation touches upon many topics, for example Heitkamp’s impression that in American politics, regional divides are actually often stronger party or gender lines. (She comes from a very North Dakotan small, where her family made up 10% of the constituency.) They talk also about how it is to be a woman in politics, about alliances between female politicians, and about the importance of putting gender aside in political battles.

And then they speak of course about her – for a Democrat controversial – support for the Second Amendment and reluctance towards stronger gun control, and her cooperative stance towards president Trump.