France: Macron’s LREM Party set for landslide in parliamentary elections

French President Emmanuel Macron’s ‘Republic Onwards’ (LREM) Party looks likely to win a crushing victory in the second round of the parliamentary elections, said RFI.
French President Emmanuel Macron LREM
French President Emmanuel Macron

Projections have LREM and their allies the Democratic Movement (Modem) winning 400-445 of 577 seats in the National Assembly, which would ‘give the new president one of the biggest parliamentary majorities for 60 years.’

‘France is back,’ said Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, himself a former Républicain. ‘For the past month the president has shown confidence, willingness and daring in France and on the international stage.’

In total, LREM won over 32% of Sunday’s (11/06) vote, but ‘the victory was marred by a historically low turnout.’

51% of the electorate ‘did not make it to the polling booth, casting a shadow over celebrations.’

Like the presidential vote, the top two candidates in each parliamentary constituency will go through to a second, deciding round, and face off for a seat in the National Assembly.

If projections are correct, the right-wing Les Républicains will be the second biggest bloc, with Jéan-Luc Mélenchon’s ‘Unbowed France’ emerging with its communist allies as the ‘main force on the left, replacing a humiliated Socialist Party,’ who won just 9.51% of Sunday’s vote.

Jean Luc Mélenchon LREM
Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the far-left ‘Unbowed France’ movement

Some of LREM’s deputies in the National Assembly will be political novices, after Emmanuel Macron promised that his MPs would be ‘half politicians, half new faces.’

Though it was actually closer a third of new faces, there will still be ‘a high number of political newcomers in LREM’s ranks.’