Scottish Independence: Nicola Sturgeon starts ‘guerrilla war’

In a letter written by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to Theresa May that was made public on Friday (31/03) the Scottish First Minister wished the PM ‘the best of luck’ in the Brexit talks. ‘But that was fooling nobody,’ wrote Alan Cochrane in The Daily Telegraph.
Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon
Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

‘Like most Scots I was deeply unhappy with the result of the referendum and genuinely fear for out future outside the EU,’ he said, but Brexit is a reality and all we can hope for is a ‘successful outcome in the tortuous negotiations’ to come.

Sturgeon, driven by her ‘obsession to win a referendum,’ threatens to lead a campaign of ‘non co-operation’ with Westminster over how ‘we – the people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ – move forward together after Brexit.

While the “Great Repeal Bill,” which would return EU powers to Britain, looks set to be endorsed by both Scottish Parliament and Westminster wrote Cochrane, yet ‘it is here that Ms Sturgeon is looking for a fight,’ threatening not to approve the Bill if certain powers go to Westminster rather than Holyrood.

‘This could lead to Westminster over-ruling the Scottish Parliament or an appeal to the Supreme Court – or both.’

Nicola Sturgeon Alex Salmond Scottish Independence
Nicola Sturgeon with her predecessor Alex Salmond, who currently serves as the MP for Gordon and the SNP International Affairs and Europe spokesperson in the House of Commons.

While Ministers do wish to implement a renewed UK-wide agricultural framework, the government has denied the Scottish National Party’s accusations that it was making ‘what Nats [SNP politicians] call “a power grab”’ on Scottish agriculture.

The SNP say that they may refuse to work with the government to apply the Repeal Bill if this turns out to be the case, which would mean that ‘none of the additional powers promised by Brexit Secretary David Davis would come Scotland’s way.’

The irony is not lost on opposition Members of Scottish Parliament, who have pointed out that joining the EU would bring no extra powers for agriculture or fishing to Holyrood, as the Common Agricultural and Common Fisheries policies ‘are both compulsory for member states, and both are run from Brussels.’

Is it not ‘entirely contradictory’ that Ms Sturgeon has wished Mrs May every success in the Brexit negotiations while attempting to ‘undermine the PM’s case by trying to portray the UK as a wholly divided country?’